Beauty is in our every gesture, in every word or expression we use every day.
Authentic, genuine, glowing, natural beauty that makes each one of us unique.

Our values, your well-being, since 1919

From this vision, from the beneficial properties of the water of an ancient spring, and from the lengthy experience of the Terme di Saturnia spa team, comes the revolutionary Active Beauty cosmetic line.

Nature is generous, offering us countless useful, regenerating substances to restore our energy and preserve us from the effects of time, just like the rare, precious Saturnia Bio-Plancton whose habitat is the thermal spring.

Thanks to the heritage of our spa and years of study, we have condensed all the natural properties of Plankton and thermal water into a ‘pure active ingredient‘ obtained through a natural hyperfermentation process that releases all the healing and beneficial properties it contains.

An elixir of long life for the skin of the face and body.

“We strongly believe in a world of natural beauty and authentic well-being.”

Saturnia Bioplancton and the uniqueness of water

A process of osmosis that takes 40 years

The thermal water of Saturnia travels underground for 40 long years gushing out of the spring at a temperature of 37.5°, rich in hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate, precious elements that stimulate vasodilation, improve tissue nutrition, remove toxic substances and aid the regeneration of epidermal cells..

Bioplancton, an invaluable biogenic resource, is constantly immersed in thermal water, allowing it to acquire all its beneficial properties.
It is harvested when it rises spontaneously to the surface, and a gentle hyperfermentation process turns it into a purified extract rich in antioxidant, smoothing and regenerative properties.

A pure elixir for authentic rebirth.